Khalsa School – Announcement

Dear Parents, Teachers and Students: Gurpurab Greetings “Haq Haq Agah  Guru Gobind Singh Shah Shahan Shah  Guru Gobind Singh” ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕਾਖ਼ਾਲਸਾਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕੀਫ਼ਤਹਿ On Sunday, January 5th, Khalsa School will celebrate Guru Gobind Singh … [Continue reading ...]

Special Kirtan Darbar at GNFA-Dec 31 

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Khalsa School – Announcement

Dear Parents, Teachers & Students: ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖ਼ਾਲਸਾ ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫ਼ਤਹਿ 1. Khalsa School will remain closed on Sunday, December 29 because of Shahidi Diwas of 4 Sahibzades. 2. Khalsa School will remain closed on Gurpurab Schedule … [Continue reading ...]

Remembering the four Sahibzades – Dec 25, 2019

Waheguruji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh We continue with our tradition of remembering the four Sahibzades of Guru Gobind Singhji: Sahibzada Ajit Singhji, Sahibzada Jujhar Singhji, Sahibzada Zorawar Singhji, Sahibzada Fateh Singhji and Mata Gujri … [Continue reading ...]

GNFA Cultural Program Photos!

Exciting News! GNFAs Annual Cultural Program Professional Photos are here. These pics are taken and provided by Mr. Raj Babra in such a timely manner! Thank you. Please click on the following three links below for … [Continue reading ...]

Donations to GNFA matched by facebook and paypal December 3, 2019 8 AM

Please please please donate early morning at 8 am on December 3 Tuesday so that Facebook and Paypal can match the donations for our Guru Ghar GNFA. As always we are on deep gratitude to our GNFA sangat family. GNFA is for their sangat. The sangat … [Continue reading ...]

Nov 17, 2019 GNFA Election Results

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Special thanks to everyone who participated in the elections process.  The following are the results from the 2013 elections.  All candidates have been elected Contributing Trustees: Gurminder Singh … [Continue reading ...]

Annual Youth Elections – Sun, Nov 17, 2019

Annual Youth Elections at GNFA, that will be held on Sunday, Nov 17, at 12 PM in Trailer 10 GNFA Youth (12 to 17 years of age) who have signed up as youth members can elect the youth committee for 2020. Candidates will be nominated and elected … [Continue reading ...]

Youth Kirtan – Dec 28, 2019

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Japji Sahib Paath Recital – Dec 21, 2019

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