How to become a Member
In order to become GNFA member, please read By-Laws Article 1 of “Constitution and By-Laws of GNFA.”

  • A copy of the Constitution can be obtained from the membership committee coordinator.
  • The Membership application can be filled at any time, however, in order to vote, one has to fill out membership application 180 days before the election day.
  • For NEW membership, send an email request to
  • For more information, contact the Membership Committee Coordinator who is listed at the Trustees Page under ‘Membership Committee’

You must appear in person to become a member.

Membership Types

Membership TypeAmount(s)
Life Members$1452.00 lump sum
Senior / Youth Members$33.00 annually (effective 2019)
General Members$78.00 annually (effective 2019)
New Contributing Trustee$2310.00 (of which, $500 is a non-refundable application fee if not elected) and $1210.00 annually
Patron$1210.00 initially and $907.00 annually
Patron to become Trustee$1210.00 initially and $1100.00 annually
Lifetime Patron$5610.00 lump sum

Membership Renewals

  • Membership renewals are now open for 2019.

You must appear in person for membership renewal.

Membership Renewal

Membership TypeAnnual Renewal Amount
General Member$78.00
Senior Member (above 65)$33.00
Youth Member$33.00

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