GNFA Medical Clinic Specialist Rotation Schedule (Updated: 05/10/2019)

GNFA Medical Clinic Specialist Rotation Schedule

Internists will be available 9 am – 11 am every Sunday.
Specialists 11:30 am – 1:30 pm by rotation.

The following are the specialties scheduled for the next few weeks.

May 5 – Gastroenterology
May 12 – Neurology
May 19th – Internal Medicine (due to high demand)
May 26th – Clinic Closed
June 2md – Cardiology
June 9th – Orthopedics
June 16th – Endocrinology

Appointments are highly recommended as the slots fill up quickly.
Please email or call 301-232-7881 for an appointment.

With Waheguru ji’s kirpa and the sangat’s ardaas, the GNFA Health Clinic opened on April 21, 2019 in Trailer 7. It was a brisk start with a steady stream of patients.

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