Special Kirtan By Bhai Baldeep Singh 7-21-2013

Bhai Baldeep Singh will be performing shabad kirtan at GNFA on Sunday, July 21, from 12:50 pm-1:30 pm. It is a rare opportunity to hear a live performance by a luminary in gurbani kirtan.

About Bhai Baldeep Singh:

Bhai Baldeep Singh is a thirteenth-generation kirtaniya whose family has been in the service of the Gurus since the time of Guru Amardas ji. He is an eminent exponent of gurbani kirtan, mentored by his granduncles Bhai Avtar Singh and Bhai Gurcharan Singh. He is also a strings player par excellence (taus and dilruba), and percussionist. Bhai Sahib has revived puraatan Sikh instruments from the brink of extinction by personally handcrafting them under the guidance of the master luthier Gyani Harbhajan Singh. An exponent of three paramparas, his repertoire includes reets revealed to and sung by the Gurus themselves. He is the khalifa (that is, head) of the oldest gharana of classical percussions —  Sultanpur Lodhi-Amritsari baaj of jori-pakhawaj. He is an archivist, the founder of Anad Foundation that has established a world-class recording studio in New Delhi that has digitized and restored precious old recordings of Kirtan as well as other musical traditions of South Asia. He is also the Founder and Chairman of Anad Conservatory – an institute of arts, aesthetics, cultural traditions and developmental studies, in historic Sultanpur Lodhi in Punjab.
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