GNFA Nov 19, 2017 Election Results

Election results are as follows:

A total of 85 votes were cast. All 5 candidates are elected with the following votes

Contributing Trustees (5 year term starting  Jan 1, 2018)

Davinder Sidhu 71

Kanwaljit Singh Taneja 74

Dr. Kavneet Ripi Kohli 69

Elected Trustees (2 year term  starting Jan 1,2018)

Kunwar Singh Goomer 80

Harsharan G. Singh (Harsharan Kaur) 76


November 20, 2016 Election Results

A total of 101 ballots were cast and the results are as follows:

Mrs. Devinder Kaur Pabla 85

Mrs. Priti Kaur Sood 95

Mr. Ranvir Singh Floura 96

Mr. Harmeet Singh 90

Mrs. Navneet A. Singh (Neeta) 97

Mr. Parminder Ahuja (Sunny) 94

Mr. Surinder Singh 84

Mr. Kawaldeep Chadha (KD) 93



2016 Gurdwara Committee for GNFA

Gurdwara Committee is responsible for the general management of the Gurdwara and its regular functions including weekly Diwans, Gurpurabs, Langar, and community affairs.


November 15, 2015 Election Results

Election Results are as follows. 126 Ballots were cast and all candidates are elected.

Prabhjot Singh Kohli 115

Harsharan Kaur 118

Kirandeep Gill 103

Daljeet Singh Saluja 115

Manmeet Singh 111

Avatar Singh 105

Surpal Singh Birgi 111

Annual GNFA General Body Meeting and Elections on November 15, 2015

This is to announce that as per the GNFA By-laws Article II (1), the regularly scheduled annual general body meeting will be held on Sunday, November 15, 2015 at 2 PM. The quorum sheet will be available for signing starting at 8:00 a.m. Please bring valid ID.


In keeping with GNFA By-laws Article II (4), the agenda for the meeting is as follows:


  1. Chairperson’s Report and Committee Reports
  2. Presentation of 2014 Audit Report. (attached)


In keeping with GNFA By-laws Article II (3), GNFA, General elections will be held on Sunday, November 15, between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Quorum is not required for elections. A valid ID is required.

There are 5 vacancies for contributing trustees and 2 vacancies for elected trustee. Results announced that night. Here is a list of candidates:

Contributing Canditates (5):

Mrs. Kirandeep Gill

Dr. Daljeet Singh Saluja

Mr. Manmeet Singh

Mr. Avtar Singh

Mr. Surpal Singh Birgi

Elected Trustees (2):

Mr.  Prabhjot Singh Kohli

Mrs. Harsharan Kaur (Harsharan G. Singh)




Paramvir Singh Soni

Recording Secretary



GNFA_ 2014 Audited Financial Statements

2013 GNFA Elections Results

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

Special thanks to everyone who participated in the elections process.  The following are the results from the 2013 elections.  All candidates have been elected

Contributing Trustees:

Mr. Arvinder Singh Kakkar – 95 votes

Dr. Charanjit Singh Khurana – 106 votes

Elected Trustees:

Mr. Kunwar Singh Goomer – 104 votes

Mr. Manmeet Singh – 95 votes

Mr. Prabhjot Singh Kohli (1 year) – 104 votes

The Elections Committee.


2012 GNFA Election Results

Dear GNFA Members,

The annual 2012 GNFA elections have successfully been completed. A total of 117 ballots were cast; 115 were valid. The results are as below.

Contributing trustees:

  • Mr. Kawaljit Singh Taneja                 97
  • Dr. Kavneet “Ripi” Kohli-Chhabra   95

These candidates have been elected to serve from Jan 1, 2013 through Dec 31, 2017

Elected Trustees:

  • Dr. Darshan Singh Saluja     103
  • Mr. Kamlesh Sardana           101
  • Mr. Paramvir Singh Soni      93

These candidates have been elected to serve from Jan 1, 2013 to Dec 31, 2014



Ranvir S. Floura

Gurdwara Elections on Sunday, November 18, 2012

An Important Message

Dear current members of the GNFA,

As already informed to you during devans, the elections of the new Board of Trustees will take place on Sunday, November 18, 2012. The election is being held as per para 3 of Article II which states as under:

“(3) Whether or not the Annual General Body Meeting takes place , the election in any event shall be held on the third Sunday of November between the hours of 9.00 AM and 8.00 PM. No quorum shall be required for the General Election purposes”

In view of this, you are requested to please vote for the candidates for the Contributing Trustees and Elected Trustees on Sunday. You are required to bring your ID with you in order to vote between the above hours. Please do exercise your right to select appropriate candidates for the next year.

With best wishes,

Prabhjot S. Kohli
Secretary, GNFA

Election Results: 2012 Board of Trustees

The results from yesterday’s election for the 2012 Board of Trustees are as follows:

Contributing Trustees
  • Daljit Singh Sawhney
  • Surinder Singh
  • Amar Raj Singh – 2 Year Term
  • Anthony Singh Aneja – 2 Year Term
  • Prabhjot Singh Kohli – 2 Year Term
  • Kunwar Singh Goomer (Kandy) – 1 Year Term
Signed By Tejbir Singh Phool Election Coordinator

Related Information

GNFA Board of Trustees Election – Sunday, November 20, 2011

GNFA will be conducting an election for the 2012 Board of Trustees for year 2012.  If you are a member, please make every effort to participate in this election for the 2012 year.

Additional details will follow leading up to the election.

Contributing  Trustees Candidates

  • Dr Daljit Singh sawhney
  • Surinder Singh

Elected Trustees Candidates

  • Baljit Ahuja
  • Anthony Arneja
  • Inderjit Gujral
  • Dr Parminder Sheena Khurana
  • Surjit Singh
  • Amar Raj Singh
  • Kunwar Kandy Goomer
  • Prabhjot singh Kohli

Election Committee for this event

  • Tejbir Singh Phool coordinator
  • Kuljit Singh Gill
  • Prabhkirat Singh
  • Karam Singh Dhillon
  • Phula Singh

Election Aides

  • Charanjit Singh Aulakh
  • Dilmeet Singh Huda
  • Surpal Singh Birgi
  • Maninder Singh Sethi
  • Gurminder Singh
  • Ranvir Fluora
  • Parminder Ahuja
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