GNFA Calendar

The program timings may be extended on Gurpurabs and on other special Diwans.

GNFA will eventually allow you to submit a reservation / booking request on our web site.


Weekly Divan Schedule
6 am     Parkash                  Daily
7:30 pm Rehraas Sahib       Daily
8 pm     Sukhasan                Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sun.


7:30 pm  Rehraas Sahib
8-9 pm    Kirtan
9 pm        Samapti and Langar


Istri Satsang
10:30-11:45 am           Sukhmani Sahib
11:45am-12:30 pm      Kirtan
12:30 pm                      Samapti and Langar


7:30 pm         Rehraas Sahib
8-9:15 pm      Kirtan
9:15 pm          Samapti and Langar


6-7:30 am      Sukhmani Sahib and Langar
8-10 am          Asa Di Vaar Kirtan and Langar
11 am-12 pm   Khalsa School Divan
12-1:15 pm      Kirtan
1:15 pm            Samapti and Langar
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