The Board of Trustees have seven (7) regularly scheduled meetings during the year on the first Sunday for the months of February, March, May, July, September, October and December. All regularly scheduled special and emergency meetings are presided over by chairperson or his/her designee.

For more information on Board meetings please contact GNFA secretary.

The following tables list the trustees for the 2019 term


Manmohan Singh KumarTrustee
Paramvir Singh SoniTrustee
Kawaldeep Singh Chadha Trustee
Ranvir Singh FlouraTrustee
Navneet Anand SinghTrustee
Avtar Singh BarringTrustee
Charanjit Singh KhuranaTrustee
Dawinder SidhuTrustee
Daljeet SalujaTrustee
Harsharan G. SinghTrustee
Harmeet SinghTrustee
Phula SinghTrustee
Kanwalpreet Kohli- MaharajTrustee
Kunwar Singh GoomerTrustee
Kavneet Kohli- ChhabraTrustee
Priti Kaur SoodTrustee
Surinder SinghTrustee
Khushwant SinghTrustee
Darshan Singh SalujaTrustee
Surpal Singh BirgiTrustee


Baldev Singh
Dr. Gurseva Singh Pabla
Sam Singh Bedi

Head Granthi (Priest)

Bhai Jugmohan Singh

In House Counsel

Harnam Singh Arneja, Esq.

Minimum qualifications for Trustee candidates:

He/she must

1) have been a General member in good standing for at least two consecutive years immediately preceding the date of the application;

2) have served on any GNFA committee for a period of at least one year

3) not be the immediate family member(defined as parent, natural or adopted children, or siblings living in the same household) of a Trustee of GNFA; and

4) submit a written application to the Membership Committee, along with the applicable fee, by August 31. In this application, the candidate must also pledge to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of GNFA.

Trustee Meeting Minutes

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