Each of GNFA’s appointed committees focuses on an aspect of seva at the Gurdwara. The following members were appointed to this year’s committee:


Gurdwara Committee is responsible for the general management of the Gurdwara and its regular functions including weekly Diwans, Gurpurabs, Langar, and community affairs.

Gurdwara CommitteeRole
Dr. Darshan Singh SalujaChairperson
Ranvir Singh FlouraVice Chairperson
Phula SinghStage Secretary
Harsharan KaurRecording Secretary
Kavneet Ripi KohliPRO
Kawaldeep Singh ChadhaTreasurer
Khushwant SinghAssistant Treasurer
Prabhkirat SinghTreasurer's Associate

(c)  coordinator
(B) board member


Finance Committee plans and executes short term and long term financial and other goals as may pertain to building new facilities and maintaining old facilities. It presents the annual budget for approval by the Board of Trustees.

Kanwaljit Singh Taneja (c)Mandeep SinghGurminder Singh Ahuja
Dr. Darshan S. SalujaCharanjit Singh Aulakh

Education Committee carries out activities pertaining to education in religious, language and socio-cultural activities of Sikhs and Sikhism, with the ultimate purpose of developing a regular, full time Sikh School up to high school level.

Dawinder Sidhu (B)Dr. Navleen Kaur AhujaKirandeep Kaur Gill
Gajinder Singh (c)Dr. Parvinder Kaur Khurana

Youth Committee plans, coordinates, and carries out activities pertaining to the Youth Group, especially as they interact with the general activities of the GNFA, Inc.

Saachi Kaur Singh (c)Jasmine Kaur Saluja (Comm. Affairs)Harkeerat Singh (Dharmik)
Preeta Kaur Singh (Education)Simar Pal Singh (Finance)Dasuni Kaur Choudhary (Sikh Affairs)
TBD (Treasurer's side)TBD (Stage Secretary's side)TBD (Recoding Secretary's side)
Ranvir Floura (Board Representative)

Membership Committee is responsible for evaluation credentials of new applicants to various categories of membership and presents its recommendations to the Board for approval and final presentation to the General Body, if necessary. It is also responsible for evaluating the participation of various members in the GNFA, Inc. and may be called upon to investigate any activities which may seem contrary to GNFA, Inc. and its Constitution and By-Laws.

Ranvir S. Floura (C)
Neeta Anand SinghAvtar Singh Barring

Community Affairs Committee is responsible for conducting activities such as outreach to the Sikh community, social activities, cultural activities, and outreach to non-Sikh communities in the larger community of the Washington DC area and the United States, etc.

Sukhi MudharChandeep SinghJatinder Kaur Bhambra
Satpreet Kaur (C)Sadhna KhatriGurdeep Ahluwalia
Rimpy SuriJaspreet Marwah AhujaReba Kohli-Maharaj

Langar Committee

Amrit Pal Singh Dilmeet Singh AnandGurvinder Singh Walia (c)
Kawaldeep Singh ChadhaSurinder Kaur AhluwaliaRimpy Kaur Suri
Apar KaurGajindar SinghSatinder Kaur Gujral

By Laws Committee is responsible for drafting proposed revisions to the By-laws and constitution for Board and subsequent General Body approval.

Harnam S. Arneja (c) arnejah@yahoo.comGajindar SinghSarabjit Singh
Dr. Charanjit Singh AulakhTejbir Singh Phool

Capital Projects Committee shall, when required by the Board, prepare proposals for capital projects.

Tajinderdeep Singh UppalTejbir Singh Phool (c)Kanwaljit Singh Taneja (B)
Parminder Singh Ahuja (B)Prabhjot Singh KohliBhupinder Singh Gabri
Paramvir Singh Soni (B)

Dharmik Committee is responsible for conducting special programs that may include seminars, youth camps, competitions, Diwans, meetings, inter-faith activities, events pertaining to religion and Sikh history.

Harjeet Singh Jandu (c)Harsharan Kaur (B) Sarabjit Kaur
Amarjit KaurManmohan Singh Kumar

Facilities Maintenance Committee conducts day to day maintenance of Gurdwara buildings, movable assets, land, facilities, fixtures, and equipment in coordination with the Gurdwara Committee.

Raj Deu Taranjeet LohRavneet Singh
Mohanjeet KohliKhushwant Singh (C)Atam Parkash Singh
Surinder SinghPiara SinghKamlesh Sadana

Sikh Affairs Committee interfaces with other Gurdwara and organized programs, shares and information on the Sikh identity to media.

Charanjit S. Khurana (B)Dr. Gurpal S. BhullerManmohan Singh Kumar (C)
Hema Mann SidhuGurbaksh Singh Dhillon

Election Committee ensures that elections if held are fair and according to the By-Laws.

Daljeet Saluja (C) (B)Bhupinderjit BajwaPrabhkirat Singh
Paramvir Singh Soni
Gunvir Baveja

Newsletter Committee is responsible for timely issue of GNFA’s newsletter so the Sangat is informed of following: weekly programs, schedule of upcoming kirtan programs, Gurpurabs, membership renewal dates, financial reports, minutes of board meeting..

Dawinder Sidhu (c)Jesse Kaur BawaMeeta Kaur
Amreen Kaur ChadhaArvinder Goomer

Website Committee is responsible for timely issue of GNFA’s news and for maintenance and enhancement of GNFA web site so the Sangat is informed of following: weekly programs, schedule of upcoming kirtan programs, Gurpurabs, membership renewal dates, financial reports, minutes of board meeting..

Gita Pabla (c)Manvinder SinghSumeet Anand
Kanveet Kohli-ChhabraPrabhkirat Singh

Discipline Committee shall, when required by the Board, investigate any activities that are considered against the interest of GNFA and shall recommend actions to Board.

Dr. Gursewa PablaPhula SinghAmarjit Singh
Harbhajan S. Ajrawat (C)


Ad hoc Committee for Accokeek land

Surpal Singh BirgiHarnam Singh Arneja (C)Nanak Singh Manku
Tejbir Singh Phool Harsharan KaurManmeet Singh
Prabhjot S. Kohli


Ad hoc Security Committee

Ranvir Singh Floura (C)Hema Kaur SidhuPrabhkirat Singh
Gurinder Singh ChoudharyHarsharan Kaur

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