13th Annual Washington Capital Youth Kirtan Sammelan, May 27, 2017

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa,

Waheguru ji ki Fateh!

Sadh Sangat ji,

The dharmik committee of Guru Nanak Foundation of America, Silver Spring, Maryland, extends its warm invitation to you to participate in the 13th Annual Washington Capital Youth Kirtan Sammelan to be held at GNFA on Saturday, May 27from 10 am-6:00 pm. The goal of this sammelan is to encourage our youth to sing shabad-pardhan gurbani kirtan incorporating traditional elements like mangalacharan and shaan, to the accompaniment of Sikh heritage instruments like rabab, saranda, dilruba, taus, sarangi and jori.
The rules and guidelines, judging criteria and registration form are attached. 
Please note that a Best Percussion Award in each age category has been instituted starting last year. Another change introduced last year  is that Layakari may be performed in place of Taan if so desired. Please note these changes in items 7, 8 and D of the Judging Criteria Sheet.Please also note the addition (since 2015) of a new age group of 19-25 year old participants, in addition to the 7-10, 11-14, and 15-18 year old age groups (age on Dec 31, 2016). We welcome your participation as competing or non-competing jathas.
Your help to the organizers by observing the registration deadline of April 25 will be much appreciated. Each jatha should appoint an adult coordinator who should complete and send the registration form containing information about each member of the jatha by April 25.
The dress code for GNFA jathas will be the most recent dastaars and chunnis distributed to Khalsa School students. Jathas whose members are not part of GNFA Khalsa School can choose any color for their jatha.
Our bhai sahibs are holding classes at GNFA to prepare jathas. Please contact them at 301.384.2133 to sign up your jatha for a specific time slot on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday evenings.
Please help us widen the reach of this event by forwarding this email to those you know from various states that may be interested.
 Looking forward to your participation and hearing back soon. For enquiries, please write to capitalyouthkirtan@gmail.com.
Best regards,
Dharmik Committee, GNFA



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