Deadline for GNFA Trustee Applications – August 31, 2014

There are 4 vacancies for GNFA Elected Trustee positions(two-year term) and 5 vacancies for

GNFA Contributing Trustee positions(five-year term)for 2015, to be filled at November 16, 2014

Elections. The deadline for filing applications is August 31, 2014. Forms may be obtained and

submitted at the treasurer’s desk.

Minimum qualifications for Trustee candidates:

He/she must

1) have been a General member in good standing for at least two consecutive years immediately

preceding the date of the application;

2) have served on any GNFA committee for a period of at least one year

3) not be the immediate family member(defined as parent, natural or adopted children, or

siblings living in the same household) of a Trustee of GNFA;and

4) submit a written application to the Membership Committee, along with the applicable fee, by

August 31.In this application, the candidate must also pledge to abide by the Constitution and

By-Laws of GNFA.

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