The GNFA Annual Mela 2019 was an incredibly memorable event today. Such a pleasure to see families across all generations enjoy this one event together. All are involved and no one is left behind.  A sheer joy to see all the happy smiling faces despite hot temperatures. The high turnout is a testament to how supportive our sangat has always been for GNFA. The list of THANKS is ENDLESS. Time after time we thank you on this platform, and truly the thanks we feel for our sangat is never enough.

Our most humble, folded hands, gratitude to our food and jewelry vendors, sevadaars, financial contributers donors, food donors, limo shuttles, cops, security guards, sangat, children, elders, parents, families, friends, photographers, the board of trustees, GNFA management and most importanly the Community Affairs Commitee (CAC) team and their coordinator for 2019 Raman Kaur Arora. There is a lot of hard work that goes behind putting this free event. People pour in their heart and soul for the Mela. We apologize if we missed recognizing someone.

Thank you all deeply.

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GNFA Medical Clinic Specialist Rotation Schedule (Updated: 05/10/2019)

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Gurpurab April 2019 – Apr 24 & 26

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15th Annual Washington Capital Sikh Youth Kirtan Sammelan

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Special Vaisakhi Celebration – Friday April 12 – Sunday April 14

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Free Health Clinic on Sundays at GNFA starting 4/21/2019

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National Public Health Week Program Sunday Apr 7 2019

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GNFA Vaisakhi Mela – May 19, 2019

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Calendar Nanakshahi

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